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Upgrade Your Laundry Game

Pure Living Co was created as an outlet for me to share my creativity as well as share the best products I've found for a simple, affordable, clean, and non toxic home. It can be overwelming thinking about everything you need to swap out and it can add up quickly $$. I have tried quite a few laundry detergents and have a few favorites. This is the easiest by far to use and travel with.

My favorite things about these detergent sheets are the no mess that comes with it. I've used both liquid and powder detergent and my husband could care less for either because of the mess associated with them.

These are great for husbands, kids, or a mom on the go to easily grab and thow in the wash. I use these every time we travel, so easy to take with us. With the storage benefits, it's also important to point out that everything from the packaging to the product to the MAILER is biodegradable. This is one step you can take in helping eliminate plastic waste in the environment, bonus!

Lastly, you know how important it is to me for the ingredients to be clean and hypoallergenic. No harsh chemicals like many detergents on the market include. And what's really awesome? -- They actually work!

To shop, click here: Pure Clean Sustainable Sheets and use code PURELIVING for 25% off!


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