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Prime Deal Days- Beauty Must Haves

Amazon Prime Days get a lot of attention because of the great deals that are happening. There is A LOT going on at once though, and how do you know what products to spend your money on?

I want to start my saying you don't need any of these things. I just want to share my favorite products and hope someone can take advantage of the great sales on them!

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. All opinions remain my own.

First up, my number one always. Laneige Lip Mask

This has been my go-to chap stick for YEARS now. I go through multiple of these each year and it's the first thing I tell my family if they ask what I want for Christmas. You will not regret this purchase. Most chapsticks tend to make my lips more dry, this however can stay on all day or night and is actually moisturizing. I always stock up on Prime Days!

My number two is CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

I've tried fancy moisturizers before and always come back to this one. Not only do I use it on my face but all over my body as well. It doesn't leave a greasy residue and also really moisturizes my skin. I've tried many lotions and this tops them all!

I didn't realize as an adult women how often I would need to shave my face. I've tried many brands and I always come back to these. They are a great price and act as a good alternative to a Spa Dermaplane session.

This next one may seem a little "extra", but I promise you once you try it you'll never go back. Being able to wash my face without my hair getting soaked and water running down my arms is truly magical.

I have dry ends and when I don't keep my hair moisturized it starts to break off. This stuff is great, and doesn't leave a heavy film on my hair.

I have these and love them. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, they are great and come in multiple sizes for a great price!

I have a few different curling irons but always seem to grab this one. It's incredibly affordable and my curls last the longest when I use it.

You've probably seen these. I was highly influenced and I don't use them often but when I do I swear they slim things up LOL. Great for de-puffing after a night of wine or eating salty foods! Or for me, a Hashimotos flare up.

These are pretty self explanatory but the brand I specifically linked above is the best, IMO! They stay on all day and can be reused multiple times.

This is my favorite pure collagen. It has NO flavor so I can mix it in with my green tea in the mornings or water throughout the day, dissolves perfectly and you can't taste even a hint of flavor!

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