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Elevate Your Every Day Decor for Christmas

I wanted to share a little hack on here today that will hopefully save you some time and money.

Did you know, you can add greenery to just about anything and it will automatically feel like Christmas? Add your favorite ribbon, maybe even some lights, and you have a magical wonderland. It's really THAT easy. On a budget? Great, me too! If you don't want to go purchase greenery (which I have some affordable tips and finds below) then head to a wooded area and grab some cedar limbs off a tree to fill your house. Bonus- it'll smell amazing!

But really, here are some DIY tips to elevate your every day decor and stay on budget.

First up, Hobby Lobby is the GOAT of affordable greenery. I like to use their floral picks rather than the full on garland so I can easily place it where I want it to go. Normally their Christmas decor is 50% off, so you can get most for around $1-$2.50 a stem. Truly a steal!

Michaels also has great deals on garland and all things Christmas greenery. I just purchased this garland for our front porch!

Kirklands also has the viral cedar garland that everyone raves about. I don't personally have it, but I've seen it in person at the store and it looks much more realistic than it does online! It's beautiful. Linked Here.

Here are a few more ways to incorporate greenery into your every day decor!

I used garland from my moms store, Peddlers, in Bethany, MO and then added in cedar picks from Hobby Lobby to fill it out! Throw some ribbon and bells on and you've got Christmas!

More simple greenery ideas!


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