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Prime Deal Days- Clean House Must Haves!

I love a clean home and wanted to share my favorite products that I use while cleaning!

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. All opinions remain my own.

This little guy is the ultimate MUST HAVE. If you have pets, kids, a husband, or just find yourself cleaning messes up a lot this is for you. I use this thing on my couch cushions, spot treat on my dining chairs, carpet, rugs, car seats, etc. You name it, it can clean it. It's really light and easy to carry around from spot to spot as well.

You wouldn't think you'd need this until you have it, and then you can't understand how you lived without it for so long. I turn the Shark on before I leave the house or while I'm working and it'll clean up the whole house. I'm a fan of Shark products and also have a plug in Shark Vacuum that works better than any I've ever used.

The ultimate deep cleaning tool. If you're anything like me and like to really deep clean the house, this is for you.

This is a love-hate tool. When I use this, I'm usually doing the projects I strongly dislike. Baseboards, grout, and showers. However, this tool cuts down my time and really works.

After I've cleaned the house and really every day, I like to turn on our air purifiers. I have these in a few of our rooms. Clean air is important and I like to ensure we're breathing in only the good stuff! I really like these specifically and they are easy to change filters on quickly and last a long time.

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